1  ​Corinthians 13:8,  "Charity never fails..."

​We have, responding to God, staked our lives upon the validity of His Word and discovered that it's true - His love is unfailing.  Thank you for being a significant part of God's unfailing love to us; in return, we pray that His unfailing love will overcome your deepest & greatest needs, even making you very glad by satisfying your deepest desires.  

Your offerings here are causing God's love and Word to reach far and wide, as well as working to help uphold our missionary family.

Thank you, again, for participating in God's marvelous work!  Thank you for expressing your love to God through us, thereby upholding our love-labor in Jesus Christ.​  May you discover God's love in new, fresh and exciting ways, inspiring you to new heights in the LORD and may our Ever-Present, Most Gracious God multiply His mercies to and through you - in Jesus' Name.

Offerings via U.S. mail:

Bethesda Ministries
P.O. Box 25
​La Veta, CO  81055

The Totmans' pastor.
From left to right: Beth Totman, Badru,
Winnie Wajokere, Pastor Wajokere,
​Susan & Robert Totman.
(Kampala, Uganda)

Bethesda Global Ministires
​is a 501c3 organization. 

*  The book Corridors in the Sky and its proceeds are separate from Bethesda Ministries (with its 501c3 endeavors) and is a source of income to Robert S. Totman, his missionary family and those into whom they sow.