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20-year Memorial Remembrance of 9/11

Sharing the first dream that wasn't a nightmare
​after working as an air traffic controller in New York on 9/11.

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Robert was on-duty as an air traffic controller in New York on the terrible morning of 9/11.  Just like the Twin Towers, his life came crashing down.  From his own heap of ruins, the same zeal which delivered him to the planet-wide pinnacle of ATC has now taken him to an apex of spirituality that strips the spot-light from the greatest of terrors, giving attention to unshakable security.

Partly because of (and after) 9/11, he began seeing future events, secrets about others and courses of action to help people have well-being instead of disaster.

Formerly an air traffic controller, author Robert S. Totman and his wife Susan share God’s word in God’s love through intimately knowing and utterly relying upon Jesus Christ.  Having passed through “the eye of a needle” in 2005, they are a missionary family with four children, gifted speakers who consider invitations to anywhere, pioneers who have planted a community church in North Dakota (click for more) and founders of Bethesda Global Ministries (click for more).  They delight to see praise to God erupt as the words they deliver produce tangible results to the benefit of their listeners.